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63rd 香港學校朗誦節優勝者表演


第六十三屆香港學校朗誦節,已於十一月十四日至十二月十四日順利舉行。為期四個半星期的朗誦節反應熱烈,參加者多達十九萬八千三百多 (198,335) 名。

部分獲評判推薦的優勝者,已於二零一二年一月十五日,應邀到香港電台電視大廈錄影廠表演。一如以往,香港電台電視部獲邀為香港學校朗誦節優勝者攝製節目,紀錄他們精湛演出,讓觀眾也能分享。有關節目,將於二零一一/ 二零一二年度下學期,在教育電視時段內播放,讓老師、學生和家長一同欣賞優勝者卓越的表演。

63rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival had been held for four and a half weeks, from 14 November to 14 December 2011. The enrolment figure breaks through 198,300 this year.

Winners recommended and selected by the panel of adjudicators have received invitations to perform at Radio Television Hong Kong on January 15, 2012.

With the precedent of the past few years, Radio Television Hong Kong is invited to have the TV coverage of the prize-winners' Recitals. The programme will be broadcast in the second term of the school year 2011/ 2012 on both TVB Pearl and ATV World Channels during the school hours.

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